Clowns stand in the plaza

Girl from Honduras

Aline Moreno, founder of Palhaços sem Fronteiras – Brasil,  wrote poetry while collaborating with CWB – USA and Llaven nü on a tour in Mexico. The tour followed the migrant caravan, comprised mainly of Central American people fleeing violence, persecution and lack of opportunities in their home countries. These poems are translated from the Portuguese by Aline. 

To come and go

We want to feel,
We need to feel
We feel it.

The world that if (to) between good and bad.
A struggle between oppressors and the oppressed.
A mute world for many.

We are all within ourselves.
We are all within us.
We are citizens of our world.

No human being is illegal.

Power to come and go is right.
To be able to see.
To be able to live.

What sense do you want to go?

What sense do you want to go?
The meaning that makes you laugh.

A clown
In the midst of misfortune.
Yes, this can make fun.

In what sense do you want to laugh?
The meaning that makes me go.

No, there is no running.

We are of the same mass
Everything is finally entwined

Girl from Honduras

Girl from Honduras,
With your laughter in your eyes,
That on your way,
You can enjoy it.

That you may be a child,
Laugh and play
Even distrusting
At your side walk,

Girl from Honduras,
Remember when to walk
Life is beautiful too.
And yes you can migrate.

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