Haiti 2014: Day Six

This morning the clowns put on their make-up for the first time, and after team meetings to make a few adjustments after yesterday’s dress rehearsals, it was pack pack pack, early (11h30!) lunch, and off to town to get things rolling… Once the stage was set and everyone was dressed & made-up, we all piled into the truck, clowns with musical instruments and flyers in hand, to round up the public, we drove through town to smiles and bewilderment, before getting off to do a parade through the local market. Needless to say they made an impression… The shows themselves went well (despite the inevitable to be expected unexpected problems – the lights, which had been working all day cut out 5 minutes before show time, only to resurface just as the sun had set…) and by the end of the day our ears were all ringing with the sound of laughter… Everyone is exhausted, but can’t wait to head off for more shows tomorrow!

IMG_1785 IMG_5345 IMG_5405  IMG_5472 IMG_5502 IMG_5582 IMG_5724IMG_5456

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