Clowns juggle clubs in Colombia

Innocence and Non-Judgement

CWB – USA and CWB – Brazil are on tour together in Colombia. The clowns are working with organizations that address youth violence and the reintegration of FARC combatants.

CoiCoi holds her unicycleCoiCoi

Today is my first visit to a women’s prison. I prepare myself mentally for the experience, but it’s very different to actually be here. In their day to day lives, outside of prison, these women face many problems, including hunger. Inside the prison, they lose their freedom, but at least they have food. For that, they expressed gratitude. When people who have not committed a crime die of hunger, the idea of universal justice becomes something beyond my understanding.

What I can do most as a clown is to share from a place of innocence and non-judgement. Today, as I’m playing, I can see how the women support each other. Even though they are in prison, they find friends with whom they can connect. That is the container we hold for today. We open a space where connections are palpable, where we work together to create a life experience that brings joy and affection for all. I feel very welcomed by these women, and I appreciate hearing that they feel the same.



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