Jon’s Journal Nov 18

There are few opportunities in this life where you can see the inspiration of infinite possibilities manifest itself within another human being. Watch the glittering eyes of a hundred children squint in the sun because their face is wrought with laughter. Hear hundreds of thank you’s as you are swarmed by more children than you can count.

This is what Cambodia means to us, this is why we are here.

Tuesday we had our fist show at an international school in Phenom Penh. The children we so excited to see us. It was supposed to be a surprise that there were clowns. However the moment we entered the gates to the school, we stuck out like a sore thumb. So many little eyes turned our direction, not focusing on their studies but wanting to watch what the clowns were up to. We were quickly rushed upstairs into the air conditioned performance space where we warmed up our tricks. The children were lead in one class at a time amounting to over 120 children to watch our show. The show itself went off without a hitch only pausing to allow the raucous laughter to subside. After the show we had time for a quick question and answer session with the kids. We were asked about how we learned our skills, where we came from, and if we had any girlfriends. The kids were so wonderful and it was a pleasure to perform for them. The teachers said made their year.

Next on the list is doing a show for A New Day Cambodia, an organization that gives kids of disadvantaged families the opportunity to receive an education.

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