Written by John, March 24, 2010 (One week till we go to Guatemala/El Salvador: En route to NYC  from our session creating in VT.)
Exhausted from three days of playing, gut-aching laughter, cracking  jokes on each other, eating fanTASTIC food, word games  and sharing songs & dances. Im exhausted but can’t sleep- kinda  buzzing from the level of openness, directness and fun in our creation process.

We started the weekend off by making a pile (costumes, random props &  instruments) and a list (stuff we like to do& bits and elements we think should be in the show). Then we went outside, closed our eyes and followed our interest. In the  pine cone fight, Kali thought she was picking up poo- but it was really just those weird tubes of turf made when one aerates the ground. Sayda hugged a big electrical box for a while.  Inside, my castanet was a whale named Felipe on a sea made by Sayda’s umbrella.  There was a funky dance party routine.  Snack-time. Then we went  outside and played a bunch of music and I give Sayda my uke to play  . We played with a couple different  entrances- learn a hat switching and it’s instant. She’s a Rock Star. ‘Cielito lindo’ became the song for us – both because it’s stunningly beautiful and because Sayda learned the three chords for it within minutes. Break for food.

I got hungry a lot. Not a happy clown am I if I don’t eat every two/three hours. With plentiful snacks and Sayda’s torta española & Kali reminding me to eat every two hours, I know I’m in good hands with these people.
Kali started our second day off by teaching us an amazing, cathartic rhythmic song  and dance- it’ll probably be the ending. Sayda led a gesture exercise that will fit nicely towards the beginning.  In the afternoon we took the classic Newspaper cwb duo bit and added a third and a chase scene and some more hat work. We agreed that hat switching will probably be a through-line. More food: Kali’s boyfriend’s inspired fusion fried rice and calamari salad – a happy clown was I. After dinner, we’re eager to get back to work- and either we’re nuts or it’s late- but we get pretty punchy and create a WHACKED out sinking boat (made from a hat) scene where the boat gets eaten by the whale (two umbrellas) and Sayda goes in for it and gets pooped out.
Poop. Yep we’re pretty sophisticated.

And that’s were we wrap up. We’ve a beginning, two big chunks for the middle and an ending and none of of it is glued together so that we can add Steph (our fourth- who lives in guate) when we get there…  When I think of what we made I giggle. It’s a very good sign. Wow. Whoa, and I’m arriving to Brooklyn just in time for din-din!!!

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