3.20.2010, Jacmel, Joe’s Journal

Today was some of our best work!  We performed in the streets of Jacmel for a crowd of about 75 people.  This afternoon, we really found the core of the show, and a wonderful connection with the audience.

During the “Balloon Funeral,”  one of the boys in the crowd jumped into the act playing a dead body as his friends carried him in.  I continued my wailing over him, temporarily forgetting the loss of our Balloon friend, and then he gets up spontaneously and laughs at me as he runs back into the crowd, totally stealing my bit.

When we got to one of our chases, a dog somehow ended up running around with us, and during the Amazing Paper Bag Act, a chicken wandered into our performance area!  When I had my big prat fall, I landed on the chicken!  The chicken screamed (I’d never heard a chicken scream before) and THE CROWD WENT WILD!  Talk about working with what you’re given.  I thought the chicken was trying to upstage me, but it turns out he was setting up the perfect comedic collision.  Thank you, chicken, for being such a great acting partner!

Heddy and I found a man wearing a UConn t-shirt (our grad school), and of course, we had to get a picture with him.  All in all, a wonderful day, a great audience, and a mission well accomplished.  There was not one person on that street without a smile on their face and a laugh in there heart.  Laughter is the true universal language; it crosses all borders and boundaries without prejudice.  Once we all learn to laugh together, maybe we’ll all learn to live together.

Great job clowns!!! Joe


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