I just have to take a second here to talk about the roosters. So like I said we’re sleeping in tents, and I really don’t quite know how we manage to sleep through the night (must be just that we’re exhausted) because these roosters man, I’m telling you. They crow from the time we go to bed to the time we wake up. And I’m making special mention here because it’s completely bizarre what takes place in the night. It’s like the king rooster of Haiti lives on this property. So in the middle of the night, when one inevitably wakes up as a result of sleeping on gravel, one will hear the following. The King Rooster crows his mighty call (from right outside our tent). Then, miles away, another rooster bellows in response. I can only assume this is the King’s henchman, or perhaps the rival rooster trying to usurp the his throne. And then, I swear I speak the truth, ALL the roosters of Haiti crow in response. Like a cacophony of cockadoodledoo’s echoing off of the surrounding hills. Having grown up in Southern California, the only thing I can compare it to is the sound of the coyotes cries in the valley. I’ve heard roosters crow before, but nothing so strange and eerie as what takes place here every night after dark.


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