Leah’s Journal – geckos and more

Yesterday proved to be full of excitement. Selena, Lucho and I were sitting on the porch where we eat dinner, and noticed some geckos tightly intertwined close above our heads. One of the geckos was much larger than the other gecko. The larger gecko flicked his tail and seemed to be holding onto the smaller gecko. I will let you guess what they were doing. I will also let you guess if we stayed and watched. Do you think it’s possible that we even got off our chairs and stood on our tip toes to get a closer look? I cannot say for certain if we did or did not do this. However, if we did, it might have ended up in a debate if the potential female gecko enjoyed the action that we might have seen being performed.  What I can tell you is this: if such an argument had ensued I can assure you that my position (no pun intended) would have been that the female gecko did not enjoy the action at all. What I can tell you for certain is that about 20 minutes later the haiti 5male gecko had the smaller female gecko by the nape of the neck and dropped her from the ceiling onto the floor where she landed with a little splat and then scurried away. My mother taught me that’s no way to treat a woman.

This morning Selena, Lucho, myself and all the other troop members (Bovil, César, Daniel, Elie, Gari, Nego, Oveline, Rosalie, Sonny, and Thierry) headed off to a market about 30 minutes away to buy costumes for everybody. The streets were crowded and full of vendors selling clothing, electronics, furniture etc. We were able to find almost everybody a funny hat, a funny pair of shoes and an accessory of some kind. On the way back to the compound, where we live and rehearse a lot of people were gathered looking at a car accident that had just happened. The man was still stuck in the truck and it was sobering to say the least. The expedition took the better part of the day and by the time we got back everybody was ready-to-eat! After everybody had their fill we started trying on costumes and taking funny pictures of each other. We then wrote down all of the acts that we will be performing tomorrow, at the women’s day event. We then spent a little time rehearsing the numbers that we will be performing tomorrow. I think it’s fair to say that were all excited but also a little bit nervous. There seems to be a lot left to do. Tonight we are going to try to finish making the masks, because we did not get to it today. Most of the group had to leave early to make it back home because there was some rioting and gunshots heard in the town next to the one that we are staying in.

Even if we still have a lot left to do, we are looking forward to tomorrow!


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