Jan’s Journal – first aerial performance in CWB/Haiti history

Our last day in Port au Prince we performed two shows.  One was at a medicalIMG_4350 center where a local group of orphans go daily for activities.  We performed a smaller show for the children in staff in the courtyard of the center.  By the end of the performance our audience had doubled with local passerby crowding into the entrance gate.  The children gathered in the center after the show and, in a sweet gesture of appreciation, sang us some lovely creole children’s songs, ballads and hip-hop :].  Heartwarming!

Saturday afternoon we drove up to Carrefour Feuille, one of the steeply-terraced mountain-side neighborhoods surrounding PauP.  Here on a small basketball court tucked among the modest cinder-block residences we were able to set up the aerial rig and do a full show for about 300 local residents of all ages.  Caitlyn said she was distracted by the sweeping view of the city while hanging upside down from the fabric, but all other eyes in the crowd were on her aerial act, virtually unseen in this country.  Much laughter and clapping; Dave was followed around by a large group of children, performing magic tricks until the last minute when we jumped in our “tap-tap” (modified pick-up) and rode away.

Have to head out to start the first of three shows here in Grand Goave today, more updates as we are able!

1477395_553520094730148_410969811_nToday we had 3 shows, two at orphanages and one at a school.  Bobby was sick today but hopes to be better tomorrow, so we were down to a still-stout crew of 5 clowns.  At the school show we were able to set up the aerial rig with no problems and held the first aerial performance in CWB/Haiti history!  Caitlyn’s aerial acrobatics and the juggling and antics of the whole crew was received with many smiles, laughter, and applause.  Tomorrow we have two shows and Sunday we’ll leave for Grand Goave to see some old friends and new.


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