Clowns perform for a huge crowd in Colombia

They Made Us Fly

CWB – USA and CWB – Brazil are currently on tour together in Colombia. The clowns have been working with organizations that address youth violence and the reintegration of FARC combatants.

Diana Bolano

Today, we visit a mental health hospital near Barranquilla. It’s hard to tell who’s more anxious: the patients at the hospital, or us clowns who decided to perform. When we arrive, we know it’s the right place because they put out banners welcoming CWB. We realize they’re waiting for us, and this is really happening. We see astonishment on the patient’s faces, and kindness in their gestures. It makes us quiet, makes our eyes shine. I think of the word endulzaron, to sweeten. They sweeten our attitude and make us want to do everything, give everything.

Clown group photo for the 2018 tour

I will never forget the look in their eyes, those of the patients and their families. They look at us as if they’re seeing the most beautiful thing. Their laughs are intense, not loud, but deep, coming from the soul. Their laughter is transformative.

Even though we’re the ones performing, they give us a very beautiful show. The story that we tell in the performance is about a bird who flies to reach the sun and bring back joy. The patients inspire us so we can reach the sun. They make us fly, and flew with us.

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