Marabut Proper

December 26th
As the team arrived at our first performance of the day there was a large sign that read: Welcome to the most devastated town of Samar province. Help is badly needed.

Marabut proper is a small coastal town that had been hit very hard by the typhoon. The people were very grateful for us clowns and were very helpful in creating a safe place out of the elements for us to perform for the children. 300 children crowded into a tent to enjoy what we had to offer. The sounds of their laughter radiated thru the structure bringing even more of the locals to witness our show. It was very hot and muggy inside of the tent but the joy and laughter fueled our spirits to continue performing our hour long show even in the harsh conditions. Yet again we were mobbed with love afterwards, with the children following us out to our van giving us high fives and hugs. The people all kept thanking us and one child even asked me if we would be back tomorrow.

bouncing.loOur second performance was more of the same. When we arrived we were surrounded by little ones trying to catch a glimpse of the clowns through the tinted van windows. The rain started to lighten up and we moved into a large tent to begin our show for 300 or so which quickly grew to 500+. There wasn’t enough of room for everyone in the tent and with the rain letting up we moved the show outside half way through our performance. These kids were a joy to witness as they all seemed to have an ever bright glow in their shining faces.



At the end of our performance the girls mobbed our hula hooper superstar “Molly” and surrounded all of us as we made our way to the van. It was a bit over whelming for all of us and we quickly retreated to the safety of our van, having to ask kids to back up and not push each other. They all were very excited for the fun that had ensued. Our day was a powerful one. The fury of mother natures power in full force was ever clear and so was the human spirit as it continued on in the pursuit of joy and happiness in the lives of the survivors. All the best~ Team CWB

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