Monday, August 10, 2009, Cap-Haitien: Tim’s Journal

Monday, August 10, 2009, Cap-Haitien: Tim’s Journal


We arrived this afternoon after several flights, a short wait for our luggage to arrive on a flight all on its own and a trip through the bustling streets of Cap Haitien, Haiti. Our base for the next five days in the Sonje Ayiti Guesthouse. Jose and Gabrielle Vincent are our gracious hosts, providing us with plenty of drinking water and ample nourishment. While there is a house, with walls, beds, tables and chairs, we have taken residence on the roof top. It provided us with the relief of a cool breeze and a canopy of stars to sleep under last night, as well as a mock-stage on which to rehearse all morning today. Occasionally small audiences peek around corners, or take a seat on the neighbor’s yard to catch a glimpse of us… new, strange and funny people.

This afternoon we head to meet with the mayor and then to the UN base. Tomorrow performances begin!

jr-with-suzannes-nose2Our day was packed with three shows, each quite different. Starting under the heat of the morning sun at an orphanage, the group performed for about 60 children of all ages. At the end of the show everyone played together for quite a while. Some of the younger children were clearly baffled by us, others intrigued and many giggled. We were even entertained by some dancing and two boys walked across the field on their hands. One little boy in orange seemed to just want to be held and to hold on. He gazed at Suzanne’s nose for quite awhile, and then moved to the next new face and new hand.
Writing it was hard to walk away and get back on the bus, does not give the emotions of the first show, the first sounds of laughter and sight of smiles enough justice…more soon, including photos!

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