Notes from Helga

… The small street we drive up to is too crowded and small for the car to drive through. We decide to walk down to the small room where the children are waiting for the weird white clowns who are coming to perform for them. I throw my accordion on my back and we walk out into the maze of people and small alleys. As we get closer a procession has started to take form, a woman asks if we are selling our props, people are pushing to get closer to see who these weird looking people are and where they are going.

We get to a small room. At this point I really have to pee and when I borrow the restroom I have a problem: there is nothing there, just the floor? After trying to place myself in odd positions to try to hit the grating, and contemplating to use the bucket that is also there, I somehow just end up sitting peeing in the middle of the floor.

When I come out from my little adventure the small room has completely filled with people from the street outside, at some point they have to close the door and lock it because there is no more room. The knocking on the door from outside creates the soundscape for our performance.  After the show is over I am caught in the stream of people running out of the door. Suddenly I am alone in the midst of chaos with hundred hands pressing me up against the wall trying to make a sound out of the accordion on my chest. It is crazy it is a delight! I am really there in the midst of all these people, I really see them and feel them. As we walk back to the car an even bigger procession follows us back.  Gulsh creates a call response choir with the people, and right there in that moment we are there 100% for these people, with these people…

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