October 5: Day 1

October 5th, 2010, Gwendolyn Rooker

Today, Clowns Without Borders USA is making a big push to lift the hearts of children living in Haiti, and to serve the greater community here. How does CWB USA propose to achieve such an insurmountable goal? Through laughter!

After the earthquake struck, this already extremely impoverished nation was buried physically and emotionally. To so many living here, the chance of experiencing a life of health and happiness went from improbable, to downright impossible. Surrounded by hopelessness, the people wait in refugee camps for the help that will likely never arrive. Still, the human spirit possesses astonishing traits, and the Haitian people demonstrate a great will to survive. Clowns Without Borders USA has come here to encourage this spirit. We are providing what support we can by spreading laughter. Please take a moment to join this leg of Clowns Without Borders USA Project Haiti, as we share our first full day of clowning and workshops in Port au Prince.

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