Project feedback from St. PJ’s

Leah, Derrick, Olivia, and Marisol,

Thank you so much for sharing your incredible talent, radiant energy, and contagious passion for fun with the children of St. PJ’s Children’s Home.  Our children had an amazing week learning and playing during the workshops and performances you provided.  Here at St. PJ’s, we strive to give our children back their childhoods that were stolen from them due to abuse and neglect.  We push to give them opportunities so that they may learn, play, and grow in a safe environment.  You gave them the chance to play, act silly, and be children with your incredible spirit and dedication to our children.

Each child at St. PJ’s has a therapeutic plan in which they must follow that include four types of enrichment activities.  These enrichment activities – sensory integration, self-regulation, social, and cognitive activities – are designed specifically to address our children’s developmental and therapeutic needs.  These four enrichment activities help our children heal holistically during their stay at St. PJ’s.  The workshops were so beneficial to the growth and development of our children that they actually fell under all four categories of enrichment.  Your interaction was not only fun for our children, it was extremely healing for their minds, bodies, and spirits.

Again, thank you not only for taking the time to share with our kiddos, but for also giving them the opportunity to experience something they would have never experienced before.  All of our children were completely engaged during both the workshops and performances.  You provided an environment in which our children (and teenagers!) felt safe enough to go outside of their comfort zone.  Your kindness and positivity enabled our children to make connections with the volunteers, staff, and each other in record time.  The children and staff enjoyed your company so much that most of them asked when you would be returning to St. PJ’s. The impact you made on our campus was a beautiful one.  Thank you for helping our children reclaim a piece of their childhoods and for giving them an experience that they will never forget.

Thank you,


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