Proud to be Waray!

Proud to be Waray!

Waray Balay, Waray Pagkaon

Waray Kwarta

At least Waray Kamatay!!

Today we wrap up a third day of intense play, emotions and fun.  CWB has been working in Baybay on the western shores of Leyte with a talented group of 49 artists, dancers and teachers in training.  Our second program in the Philippines has been focused on workshops and trainings rather than just performances.

poemI had the honor to participate in an activity with a small group of 9 youth a few days ago.  We asked them to outline the form of a human body on a large piece of paper and then write phrases or words on the parts of the body that remind them of their experience during and after Typhoon Yolanda (the Filipino name for Typhoon Haiyan).  Through tears, the team members shared their words with me.  I asked frequently if this was OK with them to talk about and they all said, “Yes.”  They then shared the above poem with me.  It speaks of their pride to be Waray, that their community (Waray) have no homes, no money, nothing, but they have their lives.

The whole group laughed after reading the poem to me.  Their friends all have come to this work laughing, wanting to laugh, crying at other times but showing bold resilience as they return to laughter and smiles.

workshop3As CWB partners with Plan International, we are providing teacher trainings in the theatre arts to these youth to help prepare them to share these creative games with children in their own community.  This way our work and hopefully the laughter that comes from it can be more sustainable.

The sun is rising as I write this today.  Our team has been moved by the joy that our students have shared with us, their ideas for their future and their desire to share play with other children in their community.  We as a clown team feel humbled by the palpable resiliency we experience each day and we are honored to have been invited to assist in the recovery.


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