Oct 15, 2013, Kufer’Nimeh: Sayda’s account

Kufer’Nimeh is a village outside of Ramallah, approximately a 20-minute drive.

This is Fidaa’s village and her family is putting us up. Their warm hospitality is overwhelming and moving, even with the language barrier we manage to laugh and tell stories. We perform in Kufer’Nimeh’s community garden in the early evening. Lots of children and adults with little ones on their laps wait excitedly, teenage boys playing it cool gather around the water fountain and watch from there. It’s a fun and loud show! Some of the boys ride their bikes right through our stage and David plays a lasso trick on them, the audience goes mad! As we are wrapping up the show, the prayer comes on, we bow, kids rush to us to shake our hands and ask our names. We say goodbye. People make their way to the mosque.

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