Sampai jumpa, Indonesia!

Well, another great adventure has come to an end!  A month of clowning around with kids so full of excitement and joy at our special visit.  This is what makes it all so worth it — seeing the excited joyful faces of the children jumping up and down upon seeing us arrive and running after us as we leave, and, of course, laughing during our play.  Then there are some children who are shy and even apprehensive but after a little while they start to smile and laugh and want to play and wear a clown nose, too!  This is so heart-warming to see.  The joy is to share an experience together and make a connection.  Even if only for a brief moment.   I hope that I have contributed a little to these children’s lives.

Over the course of a month, we have all together reached out to over two thousand children.

Here are some of them:

All photos above by Renny Antoni (except boy with clown nose in red T-shirt by AZ)
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