All the clowns squeeze inside a wooden picture frame. They are performing outside, in Palestine.

In Their Own Words

CWB – USA actively collects feedback from project partners and hosts as part of our commitment to ethical work. During our recent tour to Palestine, we asked our audiences to describe their experiences and interactions with the clowns. These conversations originally happened in Arabic and were translated by Rami Khader

Teacher at Aida Camp, Bethlehem:

“Our children are used to tear gas every day from the Israeli Watch tour. They don’t get a chance to laugh, even in their houses, schools, and community. You have brought laughter that is much needed.”

12 Year Old Girl, Obedieh Village:

“I am so happy. I don’t remember being happy like this for a long time.”

Teacher in Jericho Sira School:

“There is one child who never attends any event and is not comfortable in a large group. We expected that he would leave the group when the clowns started the performance, but he stayed and was enjoying the performance. It is the first time he has stayed for a whole event.”

Teacher at Ein Sina School:

“I am speechless. The faces of our students tell so much about your coming here.”

Boy at Khan Alahmar Beduin Community:

“Can you come back often?”

Mother at Nablus Circus School:

“It is so important for them to have more frequent performances like this one, because they speak laughter from the heart.”

Rami Khader, Diyar Theatre:

“We had never thought about clowning as a performance or as an art. We always thought of it as something small, for a few kids, not to connect to all of the people. The adults would come with the intention to take care of the kids, and then they would leave their kids to watch the performance and enjoy it. The adults were so engaged. We all learned that clowning can be an art for everyone to share.”

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