Week 3: work with Quest-Thane

One day we took the car out to Thane district. It was a long drive, but beautiful once we came out of Mumbai chaos! We drove through small small roads that just kept unfolding unfolding deeper and deeper into the forest area. We went to visit Quest in Sonale Village where we did three shows for seven different schools. Quest works with tribal kids. When we would pass people on the way they would just stop in the middle of an activity – and stand there with an open mouth and see these weird people in clown make up drive by. It is interesting to see the difference between these village kids – where the slum kids are in our faces, screaming the whole time, fighting to get to touch us – these kids were so calm, and a little afraid of these huge white giants. Nitin – who started Quest 3 years ago told us about how living in the nature, with the nature, make the children more calm beings.

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