Volunteer as a Performing Cast Member

Volunteers RULE! We send groups of highly skilled professional clown/circus/physical theater performers to entertain and to teach in challenging settings within and without our borders!. Learn more about how the process works:

Overseas volunteer conditions:  We do not pay our volunteers. CWB covers volunteers’ airfare, food, lodging, and other trip expenses. We will sometimes offer living stipends for our artists if funding allows. We expect participants to help raise money toward their trip expenses. Clowns Without Borders trips are not vacations: you will be performing and teaching a lot, probably in severe conditions. Most of our projects are international and last around two weeks, but we also have ongoing domestic projects. CWB trips can be physically and psychologically rigorous. They are also highly rewarding professionally and emotionally.

How we choose volunteers: Most CWB performers have a high level of professional skill and experience in clowning, physical theatre, and circus. Performers are chosen from our database by the project coordinator and volunteer coordinator based on the needs of the project and the balance of the group. Some projects are principally performing, some are principally teaching, and some are both.

Clowns Without Borders USA is part of an international federation of sister organizations in twelve other countries, which all have separate programs and websites. You do not have to be from the United States to work with CWB-USA.

Clowns Without Borders works with people who:

  • are professional performers who can entertain large (and small) audiences
    without language or cultural reference
  • have professional teaching experience in clown and physical theater
  • are enthusiastic about performing and teaching for kids and adults in crisis
  • can collaborate with other performers to quickly create material
  • who have desired skills such as: music, circus skills, juggling, magic, etc.,
    that will enhance the show (Aerial work is not possible on most CWB
    projects but we have sent projects with rigging a few times.)
  • are willing to help fundraise for Clowns Without Borders
  • are experienced travelers, adaptable, physically fit, emotionally stable, and
    have strong team work capacities.

If you meet most of the requirements listed above, we welcome you
to fill out the form below.


Can I volunteer if I am not a performer? Yes! Head over here.

And of course, supporting us by becoming a member is always a fantastic way
to help out! Join us and donate!

Thanks for your interest! 


Volunteer Performer Self Evaluation Form

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this lengthy evaluation. Complete yet concise information makes it easier for us to get a
picture of your potential as a volunteer performer.

It is extremely helpful to us if you include:

  • a video link and a website link
  • two professional references for your performing and teaching
    abilities and include their contact information. (it’s especially helpful to
    list someone who has volunteered with Clowns Without Borders)

We request that the form be submitted in English or Spanish.

We’re sorry, but we are currently not accepting new volunteers. This is only temporary, so please check back soon if you would like to fill out the self-evaluation form.