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Welcoming New Board Leadership

Welcome Erin and Amrita

Clowns Without Borders USA is delighted to welcome Erin Leigh Crites and Amrita Dhaliwal to the respective roles of President and Vice President of the Board of Directors. We’re confident that their joint-leadership model will ignite radical change.

“Erin is truly and very simply, in the deepest sense of the word, kind. She listens, she is curious and her Kentucky spirit has a very enthusiastic resiliency,” says Amrita. We need that type of enthusiastic resiliency, mixed with Amrita’s love of project management.

The pandemic has us questioning…well, almost everything! Our past program model relied on small teams of mostly U.S.-based artists traveling internationally. Now, we want to be sure that our presence never causes harm to our audiences. That means reevaluating some of the ways we work.

Some things will never change: we remain steadfast in our commitment to offering moments of joy to people who have experiencing crisis, trauma, and displacement.

Thank you, David

We are also taking advantage of this moment of change to thank David Rosenthal for his leadership as Board President. Clowns Without Borders formed its current Strategic Plan under David’s tenure, including ambitious goals to increase organizational capacity. David held and created space in board meetings for strong opinions, bold actions, and the occasional dance party. Luckily for the organization, he will continue to serve on the board for another term.

David commented, “​​I enjoyed being President of the Board because of the board members I was fortunate to work with, and the mission of the organization to bring smiles, laughter and a brief bit of fun to children all over the world. I felt incredibly privileged to hold that position, and believe it is important to pass on leadership to very capable and incredible people.”

CWB – USA thanks David for his service to the organization and welcomes Amrita and Erin into their new leadership positions!

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