Code of Ethics

CWB – USA is a proud member of Clowns Without Borders – International, and shares a code of ethics with all other CWB chapters. Our code of ethics is part of the contract signed by all CWB performers, volunteers, and staff.

Ahmad wears a clown nose and a bowler hat, and reaches out to shake an audience member's hand

  • Participants* will hold a fundamental objective to better the situation of children who live in crisis situations of whatever type (conflict, natural disaster, social inequalities, etc.), in any part of the world.
  • The main beneficiaries of Clowns Without Borders’ tours are children living in situations of crisis. When offering their** work, the participant will make no distinction between children for reasons of race, age, religion, culture, social situation or any other categorization.
  • Participants are encouraged to share photos of their CWB work. Photos may be published to participants’ personal websites or social media channels only when they appropriately tag and cite Clowns Without Borders. Participants may include their participation in a bio or CV in a way that accurately portrays their participation (i.e. performed in Kakuma Refugee Camp on tour with Clowns Without Borders). Participants shall not misrepresent their participation with Clowns Without Borders.
  • Participants will not use their humanitarian activities to impart personal “points of view” on the project destination populations and will limit themselves to sharing their artistic activities. Participants will not attempt to “educate” the population, refraining from any “evangelical” activities.
  • The participant, when choosing the contents of their performances and workshops, will consider the sensibilities of the audience, taking into account the culture as well as the delicate local situation.
  • The participant, when working on Clowns Without Borders tours, will see and share difficult situations. Their work does not end when they return home. They should testify, in whatever measure possible, to all situations of injustice that they have witnessed.
  • Participants will remain vigilant and attentive that the name, logo, and identity of Clowns Without Borders will not be used as a vehicle for remuneration.
  • In the matter of seeking financial support, participants will remain attentive to the ethical values and the respect of human rights of Clowns Without Borders’ sponsors and partners.

*CWB – USA adopted CWBI’s Code of Ethics and replaced Volunteer Artist with Participant. 

**CWB – USA adopted CWBI’s Code of Ethics and replaced  him/his, her/hers with they/theirs.