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Our Partners

Behind the curtains of every performance is a set of dedicated partners! Here’s a big red-nose shoutout and THANK YOU to the partners who make our clowning so impactful.

Looking to become a CWB partner? Right this way, please!

Kid balancing a plate

Together, We Protect the Right to Play

For too many kids, play has been pushed to the side as their family struggles with profound anxiety and prolonged crisis.

These stresses leave kids with fewer play opportunities and lowered expectations for play — even though play requires little more than a spark of fun.

We join hands with partners like you to offer that spark and ensure children feel loved and valued.

Partners in Action: To Turkey in 10 Days!

CWB Clown Me In image

When two earthquakes struck southern Turkey and Syria in February 2023, tens of thousands of people lost their lives — and millions more lost their homes, their communities, and their sense of normalcy.

A local partner was in Turkey touring at the time (shoutout to Sabine Choucair of Clown Me In), and she called us with a big question:

Can you be here in 10 days?

And the rest is history!  Together, we made clown magic.

Sure, we were ready to answer the call, but there wouldn’t have been a call in the first place without a trusted partner to invite us. (And psst…guess what? YOU could be that partner!)

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Partners make our work possible. They allow us to carve out little moments of joy for kids facing displacement, war, and crisis. If you want to defend children’s rights (and make the world a little more fun!), join us.