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CWB USA clown with kid and rubber chicken CWB USA clown with kid and rubber chicken

Relief Through Laughter

We use professional clown shows to bring joy, laughter, and connection to children and families in crisis zones.

In a world full of serious problems, is there really room for laughter? Clowns Without Borders says YES — and that there has to be!

Meet Anya in Poland

I am so happy. I don’t remember the last time I was this happy.

Anya, 8 years old Read Anya's Story

Meet Mohammad from Myanmar

Thank you for remembering that we are displaced.

Mohammad, a father in Northern Myanmar Read Mohammad's Story

Say Hola to Diego in Ecuador

Come, join us! Laughter is for everyone.

Arturo Gaskins, CWB artist Read Diego's Story
Smiling boy with a red clown nose Smiling boy with a red clown nose

Slightly Silly Work. Very Serious Impact.

From Brazil to South Sudan to Cambodia, we touch the lives of thousands of kids, families and communities every year.


years of performances for displaced people


tours for communities in crisis


lives changed annually


WAY more laughs than we can count!

We’re Not Just Clownin’ Around!

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Clown with ukulele and chicken suit

Global Artists, Working Together

Our troupe of professional clowns may travel the world — but we never go it alone! To facilitate artistic exchange and amplify local voices, our shows feature talented performers from the countries and communities we serve.

Isn’t laughter better together?

Kid on stage balancing ball on finger

Spreading Joy Since 1995

Clowns Without Borders USA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that exists for a simple reason: to bring the transformative power of joy to areas of conflict, displacement, and emergency.

We envision a world where kids get to experience contagious laughter and unbridled joy in the very moments they need it most.

Clown and kid on stage in front of huge crowd

Bringing Laughter into Areas of Crisis

When communities are facing hardship and desperately need a laugh, cue the clowns!

To make sure our comedic timing is pitch-perfect, we only go where we’re invited. By partnering with local organizations on the ground, we make sure that audience members are in a place to embrace laughter.

Clown with guitar singing to crowd

Because Play Is a Human Right

Clowning is serious business! Through live performance, we temporarily transport kids out of their difficult life conditions and into a world of imagination, creativity, and fun.

We can’t solve the crisis these kids are facing or erase what they’ve experienced, but we CAN make one day truly magical — and that matters.

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We Partner with Amazing Organizations for Every Performance

No funny business here. Before we bring the laughs, we partner with local organizations to make sure that other critical needs — like food, shelter, and medicine — have been met. Let’s work together!