Justin performs a pole balancing trick as the audience of migrant men smile

How does CWB choose program locations?

CWB – USA works with local partners in order to make sure we’re truly meeting the needs of the communities where we tour. If a partner, or potential partner, reaches out and requests a program in their area, we always try to respond. We describe this as “going where we’re invited.” Check out the full list of countries we’ve toured to.

How does CWB – USA define “crisis”?

Crisis can be an ambiguous term. For example, CWB – USA has worked in refugee camps, in shelters rapidly constructed after natural disasters, and in safe homes for women and children. We do not discriminate over which type of suffering deserves more attention. If a community says, “we are in crisis and we would like clowns,” we do everything we can to respond.

How is CWB funded?

CWB is primarily funded by individual donations. We also receive approximately $200,000 worth of annual in-kind support. We build partnerships and participate in coalitions, sharing costs as they arise. Our monthly donors are foundational to how we deliver free performances to over 40,000 displaced people a year.

Clowns Without Borders USA is a 501c-3 non-profit organization and donations are tax deductible.

Clowns Without Borders Girl Laughs Hard

Will CWB – USA support my clowning project?

All CWB – USA projects collaborate with local organizations who have on-the-ground support. We have collaborated on projects with Terre des Hommes, PLAN International, Save the Children, UNICEF, and many other organizations. We also partner with performing arts organizations, like Clown Me InDiyar Theatre, and CaliClown. To learn more about what we look for in a project partner, please read this post.

Will CWB – USA attend my event

CWB – USA leads workshops and gives talks at community events, festivals, and schools. We do not send performers to parades or parties.

If you are interested in booking CWB – USA to speak at your event please email: info[at]clownswithoutborders[dot]org

How do I work with CWB?

Read an overview of CWB – USA’s expectations, needs, and requirements here.

If you are a professional clown or circus performer, apply to work with us here.

For all other volunteer inquiries, please fill out this form.