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Work With Us

Clowns Without Borders hires professional clowns and circus performers for our programs. We also have volunteer opportunities for in in web-development, accounting, and photography.

Performing with CWB – USA

CWB – USA has very specific requirements for those wishing to participate in our activities. Unfortunately, we cannot offer participation to all those who wish to be involved. Please read the following to understand how you might best work with us.

Are You:

  • A professional clown or circus performer with a well-honed routine?
  • Experienced performing in front of medium to large size audiences (500–5000 people)?
  • A performer whose humor is not dependent on language or American cultural reference (most places we travel to do not share the English language or American culture)?
  • Comfortable collaboratively creating a 45-minutes show and performing 2–3 times a day?
  • Able to express cultural humility in new and challenging circumstances?

In addition, we recommend familiarizing yourself with our past and ongoing projects.

 If you answered yes to these questions, click here!

Clowns form a group hug before performing in South Sudan

Volunteering As A Crew Member With CWB – USA

Want to support us in other ways?

What about organizers, fundraisers, writers? We welcome our crew to organize events and fundraisers, and to write stories for our blog. Arranging talks in schools, hosting a report-back to your community, or throwing awareness-raising extravaganzas are areas of need. Let us know how you want to help and if you have experience in these areas by completing this form.

What about photographers and videographers? We embrace the opportunity to work with photographers and videographers in the field. You can take photos and videos for us during local events and fundraisers. Let us know how you want to help and if you have experience in these areas by completing this form.

What about journalists, freelance writers, and biographers? For those interested in accompanying the clowns on a project, we ask that you contact Nicole Loeffler-Gladstone, director of communication, at nicole[at] Typically, you will need to provide your own funding, but sometimes these supportive roles are grant-funded. You will also need to secure your own press passes and permission to access the camps and sites where we work. We are interested in hearing from you. Contact us!

Still wondering how you might collaborate with CWB – USA?

Read our FAQ page here.