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Perform with Us

As of April 2024, we’re accepting applications for performers.

Please learn more about our casting requirements below to see if you’re a good fit. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Do You Have What It Takes to Clown?

Unlike many other laughter-based organizations, CWB performers are NOT volunteers. Neither are they amateur pay-to-play participants.

Our performers are paid professional artists with training, credentials, and expertise. You do not have to be from the USA to work with CWB. However, we encourage international artists to work with a local CWB chapter if it exists in their country.

Whether international or domestic, the CWB casting process is incredibly competitive, and only the highest-caliber performers are invited to travel with us.

The CWB "Clown Code"

You just might be the next CWB clown if you are a professional performer who…

  • Can entertain large (and small) audiences without language or cultural reference
  • Has existing solo material in line with CWB’s performance aesthetic
  • Is emotionally stable and team-oriented
  • Can maintain a schedule of 2–3 performances per day while on tour
  • Can walk at least 1 mile carrying all performance equipment

What to Expect as a CWB Clown

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Collaborative Fun

Get ready for the performance of a lifetime — again and again! We travel the globe adapting our performances to fit different audiences’ needs. You must be able to collaborate with other performers to quickly create material.

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Flexibility to Challenges

Our clowns definitely stretch their skills, their mindsets, and (at times) their patience! You will be performing and teaching a lot, probably in severe conditions. Think no water, no electricity, no internet, and no privacy.

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Cultural Exchange

CWB performances are co-created with local artists and audience members. When you travel with us, we expect you to express cultural humility. You do not have to speak the local language, but it’s a bonus!

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What About Pay?

Yep, our artists are paid!

CWB covers artists’ airfare, food, lodging, and other expenses. We also pay a stipend of $100 per working day for artists traveling internationally. For artists working in their home country, pay is set based on local per diem rates.

Artists can expect to work long days, probably in severe conditions. This may include high temperatures, lack of running water, electricity, internet, and privacy.

FAQs About Performing with Us

I’m a clown. Can I perform with you?

That depends. What type of clown are you? Clowns Without Borders (CWB) artists are contemporary circus performers who work in ensemble. The clown qualities we treasure are vulnerability, authenticity, and presence. We work with artist who use non-verbal storytelling, physical comedy, and circus skills. Face-painting, rainbow wigs and balloon-twisting are lots of fun, but not what we do. See our featured artist page to learn more.

How much does it cost to go on a CWB tour?

Artists do not pay to participate. There is no pay-to-play option. The only way to go on a CWB tour is to go through the casting process, beginning with the application. This is how we maintain the highest performance standards.

To learn more about the types of artists we hire, look here at our featured artists. To apply to join us, check out our application page.

Where do your artists come from?

Our artists come from all over the world. We believe audiences benefit from seeing performers who share their national identity, language, and cultural history. To this end, we strive to create teams that reflect the diversity of our audiences and our world. Whenever possible, we cast artists from the country or region where we are performing.

Who pays an artist’s travel expenses?

CWB covers 100% of artists’ travel expenses, and pays a modest per diem. This is one of the reasons why casting is so selective. Casting is based on skill, not an artist’s ability to fundraise. There is no option to pay to participate.