All of our work in Mexico has been concentrated in the state of Chiapas, in Southern Mexico.

CWB-USA’s first project was in Chiapas in 1995.  Beginning in 1998, we spent 15 years in collaboration with the Save the Children Organization. We provide free performances and creative expression workshops to the indigenous communities of Chiapas. CWB-USA has ongoing relationships within the local community and humanitarian organizations in effort to relieve the pain and psychosocial stress poverty poses on the region’s population.

Chiapas is a region at the southern tip of Mexico bordering Guatemala. It is rich in culture and a prominent source of the country’s natural resources, yet home to the country’s poorest of people. The indigenous population of Chiapas has had a history of revolutions in fighting for socio-economic inequalities since the Spanish conquest and the introduction of the encomienda system, a forced system of labor and land ownership, which has marginalized the indigenous population. Most recently in 1994, the Zapatista National Liberation Army (EZLN) a guerilla movement rebelled against the Mexican government in fighting for greater autonomy for the Indigenous populations as well greater social and economic equality throughout Mexico. The combat between the EZLN and Mexican government ceased fire and signed the San Andres Larrainzar Accords that gave the right to self-determination for the different ethnic groups and autonomous districts. However, with the government failing to honor these Accords, many issues of injustice still exist.


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