Project Blog Posts:

Colombia November 2013


This project is part of an ongoing collaboration with Cali Clowns in Colombia. Read more about the background of this project HERE.

Clown Encuentro 2013

This is the fifth year of a 5-year collaboration between CWB-USA and a number of highly-motivated clowns in Colombia who are interested in doing the kind of work CWB does. There are many people in Colombia who have been displaced by internal conflict, and now live in areas where poverty and violence are quite common. Pasos di Payasos, based in Bogotà, and CaliClown, in Cali, have been working in partnership with CWB to bring levity, laughter, and empowerment to these areas in the form of clown shows and workshops for children and adults. Part of CWB’s collaboration with these clowns has involved sending a representative each year to the ClownEncuentro, to offer workshops to further the clown training of local performers.

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