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Haiti March 2009


Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere, stigmatized by the western media as violent and treacherous; paralyzed economically by foreign free trade policies and corruption; and home to thousands of malnourished and starving families many of whom have to seek out loans to purchase food to eat. Corruption and state sponsored violence continues to create structural violence promulgating the spread of disease (HIV, TB, Malaria, and other treatable conditions), illiteracy, and hunger.

Number of Performances: 20
Number of Workshops: 11
Length of Expedition: 12 days, March 4th-18th
Total Audience reached: 4,118
Number of Artists: 4

The team consisted of veteran clown David Lichenstein (Expedition Coordinator & Clown), and newer members Leah Abel (Clown), Olivia Lehrman (Clown) and Deven Sisler (Clown).

Food for the Hungry, UNICEF, AVSI, Foyer Lakay, La Maison Arc-en-Ciel- Viva Rio- and many independent orphanages, schools and churches.

Total Project Cost: $7,711.40
Cost per Audience Member Per Show: $1.87

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