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India 2016

Clowns Without Borders USA is excited by another great mission in India this year. Our aim is to share playfulness and laughter with people in communities as well as with local performers and social workers in India. We are teaming up with Indian performer and clown teacher Sukhmani Kohl. Sukhmani has been wonderfully helpful in planning and put us in touch with the organizations in our different destinations. I met Sukhmani in 2011 in Chandigarh, while giving clown workshops with Lebanese clown, Sabine Choucair, and excitingly enough, we will be working again with the same group as a continuity of what we started some years ago.

Our journey will go as the following:

We will get to Delhi on April 15th. We will travel the day after to our first destination which is Chandigarh. We then start building our show and planning our workshops. We’ll be there for 6 days giving workshops and shows everyday. After Chandigarh we move to Delhi where we are working in slums and a brothel, again doing shows and workshops with children and youth but this time we will have more time to spend together and after a 2 day workshop we’ll all go out and play together. The last stop is Udaipur, where we will be working with domestic workers and their children. Of course in between I’m sure there will be some surprises along the way…! We are very excited about this journey and collaborating with local clowns, who by the end will keep the mission going and growing!.

The team is formed by Sukhmani Kohli from India, Noah Phoenix from the USA, Sampo Kurppa from Finland and me, Gaby Munoz from Mexico. Please support our project and make a gift today. Thank you!

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