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Indonesia 2009

Volunteer artists: Dan Roberts, Adrian Danzig
Dan returned to Indonesia in January 2009 in collaboration with Clowns Without Borders and his own new venture, Hidung Mera (Red Nose Circus).

Three types of programs were started with the help of CWB and other organizations.

Performance Troupe: These students are learning the art of circus and using their skills to perform for audiences around Jakarta. This group included both international and Indonesian students.
Outreach Classes were taught to a number of different children ages 5-20.
Circus with a Message: Circus shows were developed with social messages. These pieces gave information and education about pressing issues in Jakarta’s impoverished communities.

From Dan: I’ve been in Jakarta for over two weeks now and things have been quickly beginning to roll. Aside from being out of commission for several days due to illness, I’ve been busily meeting with different groups and creating a schedule for the next few months.

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