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Kenya 2016

“The way that I present myself to the audience has to bring confidence, affection, and most importantly, has to be real. We must have a feeling of lightness and attentiveness. For our dear audience to feel good and safe, we can’t represent any threat.”

-Gabi Sigaud Winters, performing artist

Tour Overview

A four-person team shared performances and workshops with the people living in Kakuma Refugee Camp, the largest and oldest refugee camp in the world. This project was CWB’s second year of partnership with UNHCR Kenya. Over the course of 17 days, CWB offered 12 shows and 13 workshops, reaching over 4,300 children and adults. CWB expanded the workshop and performance programming initiated during last year’s tour to Kakuma Camp. The clowns also coached camp inhabitants as they developed new circus arts skills.

Tour Context

It’s important to teach new skills to youth growing up inside refugee camps. Camp life typically has limited work and educational opportunities, which can be stifling. In addition to circus skills, CWB’s artists fostered positive relationships and trust-building with those living inside the camp.

The Team

Our all-star team was made up of performing artists Lucho Guzman Cardozo, Melissa Knowles, Henrick Bothe, and Gabi Winter. These artists are an international group, hailing from the United States, Colombia, and Brazil.

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