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Lighten Up with Moshe Cohen

“There were 30 minutes every Tuesday that pierced the pandemic darkness and brought me back some light. I felt a weight over my chest since March, when I was ‘displaced’ from my life. I was finally able to lighten that weight. We played and found fun through disgust at the virus.” –Carlos d’BufFo Dædalus, Mexico City

Program Overview

Clowns Without Borders creates moments of connection for people experiencing crisis. Until the pandemic, that had always meant in-person, international tours. CWB – USA never considered online programming before COVID-19, but the pandemic forced us to push the boundaries of what we thought was possible.

As a result, we developed a range of programs including mindfulness workshops utilizing clowning, panel discussions with leading clown artists, and DIY clown activities for everyone.

Program Context

CWB – USA founder Moshe Cohen offered 10 workshops, or “levity pauses,” to invite moments of reflection, play, and presence. Moshe created the series as a way to recognize, and honor, the challenges of coronavirus, specifically the challenge of staying in touch with one’s joie de vivre.

The Levity Pause was an invitation to be present. Instead of ignoring or covering up the challenge of isolation, Moshe invited participants to explore it. Each session opened with an awareness exercise. We explored feelings of being stuck, disgust, delight, and digital community, all with humor.

Program Team

Moshe Cohen is the founder of Clowns Without Borders USA. You can learn more about his extensive experience and background on his website.

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