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Girls laugh at the show

Myanmar: 2018

There are places we’re set to go, and then can’t. Often, there’s little information about why. The criteria for entry has simply changed, or permission is rescinded. Fortunately, there are plenty of other places where we can take our fun and engaging show…about landmine safety. Yep. A clown show about landmine safety.

—Leah Abel

Tour Overview

Clowns Without Borders joined Clown Me In for a partnership with the Mine Advisory Group (MAG).  In 2014, CWB joined CMI and MAG in Lebanon, performing in 25 villages. CWB and CMI created a clown show for risk-education sessions, and after the show MAG trainers will lead a comprehensive program about landmines. 

Tour Context

As part of their initiative, MAG is providing risk education to teach people about the ways landmines can be recognized, avoided, and reported. The project will aim to increase knowledge and awareness around the topic/issue in children and people who are residing in IDP camps and affected communities.

“Almost half of all victims of landmines and unexploded bombs are children. A child’s ability to correctly identify a landmine or other explosive weapon could save their life.” –MAG

The internal conflict in Myanmar has been labeled by some as the longest running civil war in the world.  The conflict has led to a heavy contamination of landmines in several of the areas, such as Kayin, Shan, and Bago, among others. MAG has been working in these areas since 2013.

The Team

Clown Me In is a humanitarian clown organization based in Beirut, Lebanon. CWB and CMI have worked together on over 10 tours, including a 2014 collaboration with MAG in Lebanon. The performing team includes Leah Abel, Andres Aguilar, and Naomi Shafer. Leah has performed with CWB since 2009, most recently in collaboration with CMI in Lebanon. She is based in Boston, where she runs Circus Up. Andres has been clowning professionally since 1996, when he joined Ringling Bros’ Greatest Show on Earth. He toured with CWB in Kenya and Ecuador. Naomi Shafer is CWB -USA’s Executive Director, and most recently served as team leader and performer during the November, 2017 tour to Haiti. 


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