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Little girls make shapes during a performance

Nicaragua 2016

“Occasionally a circus passes through, but for many families, it’s too expensive. We offer an experience that everyone can take part in, something that’s shared between the performers and the spectators.”

-Molly Shannon, performing artist

Tour Overview

Clowns Without Borders USA toured to Nicaragua in partnership with local non-profit Fundacco, a grassroots organization that promotes hope through community development for a more humane future.

During this two week trip, the clowns spent part of their time in Managua, performing shows and running a four-day workshop for pre-kindergarten teachers interested in learning how to better connect with their students through play. Each teacher manages a class of 40 preschool students who have difficulty expressing their emotions. Connecting with and managing emotions was a big focus of the workshop.

The clown troupe also spent part of their time traveling along the border region on a performance tour.

The Team

Geoffrey Marsh, Molly Shannon, Erin Leigh Crites, and Aline Moreno formed the clown team!

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