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Palestine 2019

Tour Overview

CWB is delighted to return to Palestine. The team will spend one week leading workshops for Palestinian artists (adult and youth) and one week performing. Our workshops offer training specific to Palestinian artists. The performance tour offers levity and moments of joy for those living in protracted displacement.

Tour Context

Palestinian refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs) are an example of people experiencing protracted displacement. Reaching back to the first Arab-Israeli war in 1948, displacement touches generations of Palestinians. CWB previously performed in Palestine in 2013.

Tour Partners

CWB partners with Diyar Theatre, a Bethlehem-based dance theatre. Rami Khader, Director of Diyar Theatre, invited Clowns Without Borders to collaborate after the Bethlehem International Performing Arts Festival. The goal of the tour is to spark levity in communities that are accustomed to living behind walls.

The Team

This tour features a four-person performance team, including two Palestinian and two American clowns. Rami Khader, the director of Diyar Theatre, will be the non-performing team member. CWB is delighted to work with Osama Awwad, from Beit Sahour, and Ahmad Ghaib from Dheisha Refugee Camp.

CWB welcomes Ania Upstill on their first tour. Ania is a NYC-based theatre-maker and graduate of the Professional Training Program at Dell’Arte School of Physical Theater.

Matthew “Poki” McCorkle performed with CWB in the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan. Poki teaches, directs, and performs circus and physical theater.


The Sanders Foundation partially supports this tour with a project grant.

Naming Conventions

Clowns Without Borders International has been a consultative partner of UNESCO since 2015. As such, CWB-USA follows the U.N. naming conventions. This is especially noticeable in reference to Myanmar, Palestine, and South Sudan.

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