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Molly and Z onstage in an auditorium

Puerto Rico: Hurricane Maria Anniversary

Even one year after the hurricane, the streetlamps that line the freeway to Yabucoa are still twisted around, lighting the plantain fields instead of the road. Locals tell us that the government attitude is, ‘Why fix the stuff before the next hurricane season is over.’ It makes you wonder, how long can they keep saying that?

-Molly Shannon, CWB artist

Tour Overview

CWB – USA returns to Puerto Rico shortly after the the one year anniversary of Hurricane Maria. CWB first toured to Puerto Rico in February, 2018, when much of the island infrastructure was still devastated by the hurricane. It is especially poignant to have the opportunity to return—CWB will visit schools and communities that couldn’t be accommodated in February, and three of the five original artists will join this tour. Because this Hurricane Maria tour occurs during hurricane season, CWB plans to closely monitor the weather, ensuring the safety of all volunteer artists.

Tour Context

Though time has passed, the healing process is far from complete. Many Puerto Ricans have left the island, never to return. The astronomical increase in confirmed deaths sparked political grandstanding, rather than support, while FEMA continues to accumulate unsympathetic headlines. CWB – USA is honored to work with the warm, resilient people of Puerto Rico.




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