CWB Staff

Naomi Shafer, Executive Director

Naomi Shafer was initiated to the world of humanitarian clowning when she performed in Russian orphanages as a 12 year old. She splits her time between clown-wrangling and managing an environmental cleanup. Naomi holds an M.B.A. in Conscious Business (Marlboro College) and a B.A. in sociology and playwriting (Middlebury College).


Meet Nicole

Nicole Loeffler-Gladstone, Communication Director

Nicole attended Hampshire College, where she studied resource politics and dance performance. She writes for various print and web publications, works as a stagehand, choreographs and performs, and is pursuing her Pilates teaching certification. Nicole is interested in non-hierarchical social organizing and in dismantling capitalism.


Susan Langenes

Susan has been CWB’s website advisor since 2013, when two board members contacted her because something was broken.  Ever since, she’s been working to make the web presentation of the wonderful work of CWB ever more user-friendly, discoverable, and beautiful.  Susan is mostly self-taught in web development, but she holds a degree in music performance from Portland State University and most of a degree in fine art (which, as she will attest, are related skills). She is an avid gardener and lives in Milwaukie, Oregon with her husband, dog, two cats, two ducks, and six chickens.

Molly Rose Levine

In late 2013 Molly Rose joined the CWB team with an enthusiasm for and belief in what happens at the intersection of performing arts and humanitarian aid. Molly Rose graduated from Global College- Long Island University with a B.A in Global Studies; a concentration of human rights activism and violence against marginalized ethnic people. Molly Rose is a project coordinator, facilitator, teacher, event producer, burning man enthusiast, with an unhealthy delight in making the impossible possible.