clown in flight

Turkey Tour Summary

I’ll try to summarıze the tour. We were five performers and one logistician and video artıst. Performers:Güray Dinçol (clown, organısator, logıstician); Ezgi Keskin (clowns-actress); Zeynep Kuyumcu (circus artıst,musician, juggler); Okan Kuzer (acrobat, juggler); Selene Framarıne (a İtalian clown and musician); and Bora Öğünç (photos and videos). Also Gökçe Türkmen who was the logistician of previous projects found all the contacts and made the programme.

We performed in 3 different cities (Hatay, Antep,Urfa), 19 times in 10 different spots. We performed in villages, streets, community centers, child-friendly tents organısed by NGO’s, and refugee schools. We performed to 5000 kids (mostly Syrian refugees + Kurdish, Turkısh and Persian-Syrian children). We also interacted frequently wıth adults, especially wıth women before and after the show.

We worked wıth Life Support, Association for Solidarity with Asylum Seekers and Migrants (ASAM), İnternational Organization for Migration (IOM), and Turkısh Red Crescent.

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