Week 1: work with CCDT– in Mumbai area

The Car!

So many hours we have spent in this car. With colours, traffic and lives – thousands of lives passing by. With the sounds of millions of horns – going through the wild chaotic city Mumbai. Navigating back and forth on the highway between five imaginary lanes of Rickshaws, people, motorcycles, slow trucks, cars, buses and cows. We spent at least 27 hours in that car those five first days of shows around the Mumbai area…
– Many great moments shared in that car.
– Many thoughts thought.
– Much laughter.
– Many moments of silence – from reflection – from experiencing the lives of the people we laugh with in the moments of the show.

Khandivalli – Center for boys!

One of the days we did a show in Khandivalli – a few hours outside of Mumbai. After a long drive we arrived at a small center, on the top of some mountains. This is the home of about 20 boys. They move out there when they are older, from the city center we visited earlier in the week. It was beautiful and so peaceful out here, after all the slum areas. We went for a walk with some of the boys and saw a waterfall. The boys were great, they played a lot along during the show. Afterwards they showed us a choreography – with so much enthusiasm and energy that one could not help just laughing with them.


We have just finished a show, I am sweaty and itchy – as I scratch my arm I see the colour of my skin appearing from layers and layers of dust and dirt. Before this show, which was for slum kids in the Andheri area, we went and peed in a woman’s kitchen – just there in the middle of the floor – and she was honored that we peed in there. We stayed with Gulshirin’s family – and this day it is Friday – so we have time to clean the clothes before we leave for a week in Pune. Caitu, the great woman who does our laundry is shocked: “Which century did you guys wash your clothes in?!” is the only thing she can say while the black water is pouring out of the washing machine…

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