Week 2: work with Deep Griha – Pune

City of Child

We went out to City of Child – a home for destitute women and children – enabling them to focus on the future. We came to this beautiful peaceful center, some of the boys were running around – curious. We went to a couple of schools in the area – where the boys also go. After the last show I walked home with a couple of the boys. It was great to spend time with them. In the evening we were introduced to the Indian (very violent) game KABADI. And what a game – I am not sure I remember the rules, but I remember: RUNNING, grabbing people. I remember having to cross a line and suddenly you are surrounded by 15 crazy kids – and you have to scream Kabadi all the time – Oh what an evening!

The Christmas present

We did a show on the last Friday before the children went off on Christmas holiday (Deep Griha is a Christian organisation, so they have a holiday around Christmas). The teacher at the school had prepared a little celebration, and after the show the kids got some sweets and a little present: stickers, a pencil or erasers. Some of the boys went in the bus with us to be dropped of somewhere around the area. The joy over receiving these presents was amazing to observe in the bus: they would sit and watch each other’s presents, switch around, and switch back again so they all tried to own the different things. I was really baffled, made one think about how Christmas can be at home…

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