Headshot of Kaitlin Kaufman

Introducing Kaitlin, our intern extraordinaire!

As a part-time, remote staff, we don’t have the capacity for an internship program. We field a lot of internship requests, and send a lot of sad e-mails about how we can’t take on interns. Until Kaitlin. Kaitlin performed with us on the December 2015 Turkey trip. When she asked to intern, we sent her […]

Lesvos shoreline

Return to Lesvos

Clay and Sabine return to Lesvos.
clown performs to rural audience

Are you our next project partner?

Are you our next project partner? Do you work with a population we should serve? Are you an organizer who believes in resilience in laughter? Clowns Without Borders is looking for more project partners to expand our programming. We always work with a local partner, and make sure never to go anywhere we aren’t invited. […]

Clown Performance in Sierra Leone

Front Row Seat

The school was just a few blocks from the Freetown football pitch, the Siaka Stevens Stadium, which was a refugee camp during the civil war and an international Ebola training center during the outbreak.  The students were between four and fourteen years old. They wore red and white checkered tops with dark green shorts or […]

Two Clowns on Train Tracks

Route To Connect : Week One

Stories from Clay and Sabine about their first week traveling the Balkan Route

What’s All This Talk About the NEED for Laughter?

Manfred Max-Neef, a Chilean economist, postulates that across all cultures and societies, humans all have the same needs. And unlike Maslow, Max-Neef argues that these needs are not hierarchical, or in other words, the need for food is just as important as the need for affection, because if one is valued higher than the other, […]

The Strength of Laughter

My head is still buzzing with the laughter of 20,000 children in South Sudan, and it’s been three weeks since I returned home! The children came to the shows hungry, thirsty and covered from head to toe in dirt, but they were roaring with laughter at the clowns. We received tons of great feedback from […]

Find Your Funny Workshop Returns

Clowns Without Borders returns to the Omega Institute this summer to host our professional development workshop, “Find Your Funny.” Four professional Clowns Without Borders artists will provide an array of clown and physical theatre training from July 2-7, 2017, on site at the gorgeous Omega Institute campus in Rhinebeck, NY. Helpful for teachers, social workers, […]

Absolutly it’s worth it! – Reflections on South Sudan

“We feel forgotten here, but now [during this workshop] we feel important and remembered because you have come to us and made us happy!” These are the words of an elderly man who attended our arts based workshop yesterday. He was one of the smiling and enthusiastic participants enjoying every moment of the workshop. I […]

Laughter in Camp at Bentiu

I’m here at the UN Protection of Civilians camp in Bentiu, South Sudan. There are 120,000 refugees here, primarily children. In addition to our Clowns Without Borders shows, we are also doing workshops every day. Today we arrived at the site not knowing who we would be working with, and found a group of elders […]

Announcing New Members to CWB-USA Board of Directors

Clowns Without Borders USA proudly announces the addition of four new members to the Board of Directors. Our new members bring a wealth of expertise, energy, and a deep passion for the mission of our organization–to bring laughter where it’s needed most. Get to know our newest members: Erin Leigh Crites, Gulshirin Dubash, Martha Neighbors, […]