Meet Nicole

Welcome Nicole!

We are delighted to welcome Nicole Loeffler-Gladstone to our team as our Communications Director. Nicole has the unique perspective of being both a communications professional and a performing artist. She grew up watching performances of Pickle Family Circus and San Francisco Mime Troupe, and has a deep appreciation for the transformative power of performance. You’ve […]

Teens work together in El Salvador

Becoming a Child Again

Coi Coi and Ana have just returned from time in El Salvador where they worked with teens in different pandillas (gangs).
clowns perform in an auditorium full of children

The Importance of Being Invited

What does a war zone look like? When the artists who work with Clowns Without Borders return from scenes of crisis or conflict, they’re often confronted with incredulity. How, people wonder, can CWB have a relationship with the horror and tragedy of life while still maintaining hope? Of course our answer to that is, with […]

How does social circus prevent youth violence?

Guest Blogger: Charlotte Byram, Circus Harmony CWB-USA and CWB-Brazil have partnered with The Ministry of Health Psychosocial Support Programming in San Salvador. The tour specifically focuses on leading workshops for youth in gang-controlled neighborhood. You may be wondering, what do clown workshops, youth violence prevention, and the ministry of health have in common? Today’s blog […]

Clowns Perform along Syrian Border

Eastern Turkey: At the crossroads of a hot sun and many peoples

Erwan shares some thoughts from the team’s last few performances in Eastern Turkey. Erwan: After our first show in Istanbul, we flew east to Hatay, a small province between the Mediterranean Sea and Syria. There, the temperatures hovered around 104°F. But despite the heat, we had a great stay. Over the course of our two days, […]

A clown takes a nap

Summer Slowdown and Staffing Change

It’s the end of Summer! We are taking an end-of-summer snooze to enjoy these last days of summer. We are currently in a staffing transition, and once again looking to fill the role of Communications Director. Due to personal circumstances, our recent hire stepped down. We are taking a moment to regroup and not launching […]

As long as we had still had our voices, we would be there!

Gabi shares her stories from Turkey, her endless energy despite a tightly packed schedule, and some photos to make us laugh and cheer along with them from here at home. Gabi:  We traveled for two hours from Urfa to Antep, where we performed three times, including a show for a local community that was requested […]

Performance in Sierra Leone

Why is there a kid on a bucket?

Our show ends as it begins, with music. Music provides a safe mode through which we catalyze an initial connection with our audience and then later facilitate a smooth exit. The last two days we were invited to perform at two different homes for children who had lost their parents or caretakers to Ebola. The […]

CWB Rehearsal in Turkey

Putting together the show

Our project in Turkey is wrapping up. We have had 18 performances over the past 11 days, mostly in Eastern Turkey, within an hour of the Syrian border. CWB-USA sponsors our Turkish collaborators, who are in the process of becoming their own CWB chapter. Erwan is a seasoned CWB artist and is sharing some stories […]

clown workshop

Smithsonian Folklife Festival

The first week of July, Clowns Without Borders participated in the Smithsonian Folklife Festival. It was the 50th anniversary of the festival, and this year’s theme was Circus Arts. The National Mall was transformed. For a week, the iconic view of the Washington Monument included a circus tent, trapeze rig, and hundreds of circus artists. […]

In Response to Bruce Bawer’s article, “Improving Muslim Integration, Sending in the Clowns.”

On July 19th, 2017, Frontpage Mag published an article by Bruce Bawer entitled, “Improving Muslim Integration, Sending in the Clowns.” In it, the author shares his opinion about the Swedish Migration Board financially supporting Clowner Utan Gränser, or CWB-Sweden. In the spirit of collaboration, Clowns Without Borders USA or CWB-USA, is responding to the criticism […]

Clowns perform in Turkey

When are you coming back?

One of the most frequent, and most challenging questions, our artists in the field are asked is: “When will you come back?” Kaitlin writes about that experience and others from the December 2015 trip to Turkey. We returned to Turkey again in July 2016, and are delighted to announce that we will be returning to […]

Headshot of Kaitlin Kaufman

Introducing Kaitlin, our intern extraordinaire!

As a part-time, remote staff, we don’t have the capacity for an internship program. We field a lot of internship requests, and send a lot of sad e-mails about how we can’t take on interns. Until Kaitlin. Kaitlin performed with us on the December 2015 Turkey trip. When she asked to intern, we sent her […]

Lesvos shoreline

Return to Lesvos

Clay and Sabine return to Lesvos.