Clown sitting down for a chat with an older woman in Turkey

Humor as a Coping Mechanism: How to Find Joy in Tough Times

Are you amid challenging circumstances, curious about how humor could help as a coping mechanism? You’re in luck, because you’ve just stumbled upon a troupe of professional clowns (yes, real-life clowns) who are ready to guide you to joy. Humor … Continue reading

A clown shakes the hand of a small child in El Salvador.

What Does Internally Displaced Person (IDP) Mean?

Original author: Nicole Loeffler-Gladstone An Internally Displaced Person, or IDP, is someone who’s forced to flee their home but remains within their country of origin. Refugees may cross national boundaries to seek safety, but IDPs are unable or choose not … Continue reading

A person with a white beard blows bubbles with a child while another adult looks on and plays a ukulele

3 Ways to Foster Optimism and Support Kids’ Right to Play

If you compare your play life to that of a clown, you might suddenly feel fun-deficient. But is it true? What about all the ways you do play? Like cutting a unique life path, cooking without a recipe, or swapping … Continue reading

A boy about 13-years-old claps and has a joyful expression as he is surrounded by other kids at a clown show in Turkey, 2023.

From the Clown’s Perspective: Why Kids’ Right to Play Matters

Last month, we talked about clowns who defend kids’ right to play in Zimbabwe. But you might wonder why the right to play matters so much. And why does play need to be defended in areas of crisis? Clowns who … Continue reading

Clowns and puppets protect kids' right to play in Zimbabwe.

Meet Lively Clowns (and Puppets) Who Defend Kids’ Right to Play in Zimbabwe

Are you ready to meet clowns who are incredible defenders of kids’ right to play? The Clowns Without Borders (CWB) team from Zimbabwe, June 2023, included Cedrick Msongelwa (Zimbabwe), Nathaniel Allenby (USA), Rachel Wansker (USA), and Thandolwenkosi Ndlovu (Zimbabwe). The … Continue reading

Clowns perform for kids in Puerto Rico

Spreading Joy to US Citizens in Puerto Rico Who Feel Forgotten

The devastation caused by Hurricane Maria is no laughing matter. In 2017, it compelled nearly 5% of Puerto Rico residents to leave the island. But for those determined to stay — or unable to leave — recovery feels like running … Continue reading

Clown and kid making a heart with their fingers at a clown show in Turkey for earthquake survivors.

Earthquake Survivors in Turkey Find Relief in Clowns and Their Comedic Charm

“You came all the way here for us?” This was the sentiment heard over and over at clown shows for earthquake survivors just six weeks after disaster struck Turkey and Syria. From March 22 – 28th, Clowns Without Borders (CWB)-USA … Continue reading

CWB artists are welcomed by the Guarani with song and dance

How to Share Art with the Guarani and Witness Both Pain and Joy

Do you know the Guarani? The Guarani-Kaiowá are one of Brazil’s largest Indigenous communities. They’ve survived forced displacement since the late 1800s and increased violence since the 1950s when private capital took over vast territories, replacing eco-diversity with monoculture plantations. … Continue reading

Clown putting on makeup at clown school

Top Clown Schools in the US (Includes Insider Reviews)

Original author: Tamara Palmer Do you dream of clowning? It’s time to take those dreams to the next level with this updated resource of top clown schools in the US. These opportunities — ranging from drop-in classes to Master of … Continue reading

Changing Lives One Smile at a Time: Community-based Clowning in Lebanon

You may already know that Clowns Without Borders (CWB)-USA operates in many countries around the world. Another approach to clowning is community-based, wherein organizations focus foremost on local needs. Clown Me In (CMI) is a community-based organization that primarily works … Continue reading

A boy and a clown interact on stage in Iraqi Kurdistan

We See You: Elevating Laughter and Hope for Stateless Kurds

Coauthored by Naomi Shafer and Maggie Cunha What does “being seen” mean to a person who is stateless? The answer is likely the same as what it means to you. It’s about being acknowledged, represented, supported, and included. Would you … Continue reading

Robin Lara dances with an audience member in Cairo, Egypt

5 Groups of Displaced Kids in Cairo, Egypt You Want to Meet

Who is displaced in Cairo? This tour, more than any other this year, challenged our concept of displacement. Unlike other locations where refugees and migrants live in formal camps (such as Zimbabwe), Cairo’s displaced are integrated into the city. Integrated … Continue reading

Can Clowning Combat Xenophobia? In Ecuador, We Give It Our Best Shot

Clowns Without Borders believes clowning transcends borders of race, religion, nationality, cultural history, class, gender, sexual orientation, and ability — and we proudly stand up against xenophobia. In 2022, we partnered with the US Embassy-Public Affairs Division, Quito and Corporación … Continue reading

Group of girls with clown smiling and waving, Lebanon

Can You Be a Clown? Play the “I Love You” Game This Valentine’s Day

Written by Hannah Gaff, updated by Maggie Cunha So, you want to be a bit more clown? Valentine’s Day is a great day to practice your skills with the children (and adults!) in your life. In the following post, Hannah … Continue reading