A boy and a clown interact on stage in Iraqi Kurdistan

We See You: Elevating Laughter and Hope for Stateless Kurds

Coauthored by Naomi Shafer and Maggie Cunha What does “being seen” mean to a person who is stateless? The answer is likely the same as what it means to you. It’s about being acknowledged, represented, supported, and included. Would you … Continue reading

Robin Lara dances with an audience member in Cairo, Egypt

5 Groups of Displaced Kids in Cairo, Egypt You Want to Meet

Who is displaced in Cairo? This tour, more than any other this year, challenged our concept of displacement. Unlike other locations where refugees and migrants live in formal camps (such as Zimbabwe), Cairo’s displaced are integrated into the city. Integrated … Continue reading

Clowns and Kids interact during shows for Environmental refugees in Zimbabwe

Environmental Refugees Share Zingers and Zest for Life with Clowns in Zimbabwe

In September 2022, CWB performed for large groups of joyful and enthusiastic children and families in Zimbabwe — many of whom are also environmental refugees. In 2019, as the harvest season was just beginning, flash floods and landslides from Cyclone … Continue reading

Ukrainian refugee children join the clown show in Romania

Ukrainian Refugees Co-Create Fun and Entertainment with Clowns in Romania

Ukrainian refugees didn’t expect to become part of the clown show. But that’s exactly what happened for many of the 540 people who attended one of 13 CWB shows in Romania, November 2022. When our Romanian partner, Terres Des Hommes, … Continue reading

Clowns dancing with children in the street

4 Ways Play Helps Connect: Examples from Human Trafficking Survivors in Mexico

When was the last time play helped connect you and a friend?  Maybe you were making music, getting your groove on, or playing pickleball. At Clowns Without Borders, we rely on the power of play to help connect people to … Continue reading

Clowns and kids give a celebratory goodbye at the end of a clown show in Poland for Ukrainian refugees

Ukrainian Refugees Laugh with Gusto at Clown Shows in Poland

You may have wondered how a clown show for Ukrainian refugees in Poland (or anywhere) removes the stress, fear, and uncertainty of displacement. But that’s actually not the goal. The goal of a CWB clown show is to offer moments … Continue reading

CWB clowns performing in Guatemala

Smile Roundup: Migrant Families Laugh and Cheer in Guatemala (See Photos)

You love to see our clowns performing and our audiences laughing. That’s why we’re excited to share this first post in our Smile Roundup series. Smile Roundups feature photos of CWB artists with their audiences, plus quotes and stories from … Continue reading