How We Work

We Work Anywhere

CWB-USA has worked in settings from urban centers to rural pastures in communities that are reachable only by boat. We have hiked through jungles, ridden on horseback and even once had to swim a river with our gear held above our heads. During one field project in Colombia, we drove up treacherous mountains to a remote community of coffee farmers who had been displaced by war. One child saw our show and said, “You are the clowns that came to us!” His radiant smile echoed his enthusiasm; his mother told us that before our visit no arts group had ever come to their community.


We Meet Psychosocial Needs

CWB-USA designs its field programs to best suit the psychosocial needs of communities by working in close coordination with our partner non-governmental organizations. CWB-USA provides innovative programming that helps our partners achieve their psychosocial objectives. For example, theatre workshops provide creative exercises that help children learn to work and play together. Performances in the community can often bring together previously segregated groups while providing a safe setting for all people to laugh together.


We Volunteer As Artists

Our volunteer artists are professional performers who devise their own clown performances. Our audiences have been as large as 8,000 people. We also provide workshops for groups ranging from 5 to 50 people. We design our projects to be flexible and culturally appropriate where we work. Our programs aim to build resiliency through laughter and play.


We Go Where We Are Invited

Sometimes clown artists are not appropriate for a particular setting. That is why we rely on partner organizations and individuals to invite us to come to a place. When a trusted local organization sends a call to us, we do our best to respond promptly and energetically.


We Work With Communities in Crisis

Crisis can be an ambiguous term. CWB-USA has worked in refugee camps, shelters rapidly constructed after natural disasters, safe homes for women and children, and schools in countries entrenched in poverty or disease. Our shows and workshops are portable, so we can go where asked. Everyone suffers, and we do not discriminate over which type of suffering deserves more attention.


We Value Partnerships

CWB-USA works with relief organizations addressing the psychosocial needs of those who are suffering from traumatic situations. We are neither doctors, psychologists nor social workers, but along with professionals and community participation, we devise joyful experiences to help children and their communities thrive.


We Do Things Differently

We meet our audiences wherever they happen to be on the planet. This means we frequently go where the roads do not. Rarely is there a stage with lighting, rigging, seating, or electricity. We may have multiple performances a day and the settings can be as diverse as the audience. Generally speaking, a show or workshop with us is different from a traditional stage performance or classroom setting. The stage is often a space that we create, anywhere we’ve been asked to reach people.


We also have an education program: Take Laughter With You