How We Work

We Work With Communities In Crisis

Crisis can be an ambiguous term. The majority of CWB – USA’s tours respond to communities experiencing some form of forced displacement, but we do not discriminate over what kind of crisis, or which form of suffering, deserves more attention.

We Meet Psychosocial Needs

CWB – USA responds to the unique psychosocial needs of each community, and designs flexible, culturally appropriate tours in close collaboration with our local partner organizations. Our goal is to build resilience by sharing laughter and joy.

We Value Partnerships

We are neither doctors, psychologists, nor social workers. Rather, CWB – USA values the wisdom of our local partners and the communities we serve, and coordinates with relief organizations to address the psychosocial needs of people experiencing crisis.

We Go Where We’re Invited

Sometimes clown artists are not appropriate for a particular setting or crisis. That’s why we rely on partner organizations and individuals to invite us. When a trusted local organization contacts us, we do our best to respond promptly and energetically.

We Work Anywhere

CWB – USA works anywhere from urban centers to rural communities that can be reached only by boat. During a project in Colombia, we drove up treacherous mountains to a remote community of coffee farmers displaced by war. One child saw our show and said, “You are the clowns that came to us!”

We Do Things Differently

CWB – USA frequently goes where the road does not, creating performances without a traditional stage or even electricity. It’s our privilege to share resilience through laughter with people around the world.