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Chiapas, Mexico 2017: CWB-USA’s 100th Project

Happy New Year! We are so excited to be kicking off 2017 with a program continuing a 20-year relationship with the beautiful communities in Chiapas, Mexico. Amica Hunter, Sara Sparrow, Mooky Cornish, and team leader Rudi Galindo will tour throughout Chiapas from January 8 to January 21st. Click here to read about our most recent past project in Chiapas.

Chiapas is in the southeast of Mexico, bordering Guatemala, and a home to a rich history and a diverse population, including Chiapas, Mexico maptwelve of Mexico’s officially recognized native peoples. The indigenous identity in this region is very present and vigorous. We first performed for the Zapatista communities in 1996. With the support and active commitment of our team leader Rudi, we’ve been returning to visit these communities every year since.

This program is especially meaningful to us for another reason. At Clowns Without Borders USA, Chiapas was the beginning of something. It started us off on twenty years of offering free performance tours around the world, sharing laughter with communities in crisis. Chiapas was our Project One. Now, we are so excited to be able to say, that Chiapas will be Project One Hundred. A lot has changed in the past twenty years, and it feels like a beautiful synchronicity to have the opportunity to close this loop right back where we began so many years ago. We look forward to the laughs, hugs, dances and joy we’ll be sharing in January, and can’t wait to see what the next twenty years and one hundred projects will bring.

Check back on our project page for live updates, and some unique content to celebrate our 100th project with Clowns Without Borders USA. We welcome you to take a virtual walk through our Projects page where you will find stories, photos, and incredible anecdotes about previous work performed in the region. After 20 years, our volunteers have developed a deep and rich history with the indigenous people of the region, and formed many partnerships. Getting to know more about the efforts in Chiapas is the same as getting to our organization as a whole.

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