Diversity of Displacement: Programs 2022

Our 2022 programmatic theme, “Diversity of Displacement,” connected people all over the world through play and laughter. The displacement experienced by audience members includes:

  • Protracted displacement (Programs in Kurdistan, Lebanon)
  • Environmental displacement (Programs in Zimbabwe, Brazil, and Guatemala)
  • Humanitarian crisis (Programs in Ecuador, Mexico)
  • War and human rights violations (Programs in Poland, Romania, and Egypt)

Below, you’ll find our 2022 programs listed in alphabetical order with accompanying post links.

You’ll also find a copy of our annual report at the bottom of the page.


CWB artists are welcomed by hosts in Brazil who celebrate through song

CWB collaborated with Palhaços sem Fronteiras-Brazil to share laughter with indigenous communities in Brazil.

(Post forthcoming)


Clowns perform in Ecuador to help combat xenophobia

How does clowning combat xenophobia?

Read on to learn about xenophobia, how it affects communities in Ecuador, and how CWB clowns responded (including pictures and a video).


CWB dances with audience members in Egypt where there was great diversity of displacement

Our Roundup post is forthcoming.

In the meantime, you can check out a post that highlights this program’s artists.


CWB clowns performing in Guatemala

Do you know what makes Guatemala a main migration corridor to the north?

This post explores that question — and why children are now dreaming of being a chicken when they grow up.


Audience members in Kurdistan experience a fun performance

“I feel so energized, I feel like I could jump.” – Adult Audience Member

Want to read more audience feedback from our Kurdistan program? Read this post.


Children in Lebanon are amazed by the clown show in their community

Can you be a clown?

This post explores a fun game that was played in Lebanon in 2018. The Round-up post is on its way!

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Clowns dancing with children in the street

Want to hear from the artists? In this post, they each share a story of how women and girls use play to connect and dream of a better future.

Read the post!


Clowns and kids give a celebratory goodbye at the end of a clown show in Poland for Ukrainian refugees

You may wonder how a clown show for Ukrainian refugees removes the stress, fear, and uncertainty of displacement.

But that’s actually not the goal. Do you know what is? Find out in the post.


Ukrainian refugee children join the clown show in Romania

Ukrainian refugees didn’t expect to become part of the clown show. But that’s exactly what happened!

Read on to see how it went down!


Clowns and Kids interact during shows for Environmental refugees in Zimbabwe

Do you know what the thunderous roar of 1,800 people sounds like? 

Hear it for yourself and learn why CWB returned to Zimbabwe three years after our first visit.

2022 Annual Report

Read our 2022 Annual Report to learn more about CWB and our 2022 outcomes.

Cover of our 2022 annual report