Introducing the US-Based team for Ecuador

Meet the US-based artists for our collaboration with Corporaction Humor y Vida. Arturo Gaskins and Lucy Shelby will be traveling to Ecuador to lead workshops and perform. Rachel Wansker is leading the online component of this program, which includes English-language classes and puppetry workshops.

This program is funded in part by the Public Affairs Section, US Embassy, Quito. The primary objectives of the program are cultural exchange and advocacy. CWB will provide artist training and capacity building to the Ecuadorian-based organization. Together, the organizations will create an original performance about the Rights of The Child, which they will tour throughout Ecuador.

Arturo Gaskins

Arturo Gaskins was born in Puerto Rico (USA). In 2005 he won the Humanities Honor Medal for the Atelier Teatral project (theater company at the University of Cayey PR). He obtained the Master in Lecoq Based Actor Created Theater, at the London International School of Performing arts (LISPA). In 2010 he founded the Circo Nacional de Puerto Rico of which he is still director and interpreter. Arturo has collaborated with CWB-USA in Colombia and the United States (Puerto Rico). 

Lucy Shelby

Lucy Shelby is a trained clown, healer and artist. Her trainings, teaching, and performance has taken her around the world where she has worked with and learned from yogis, master clown teachers, Aitor Basuari, Ronlin Foreman, Mick Barnfather, and many others, Balinese mask carvers, and Mayan Elders. Lucy was one of the founding teachers for Synergy Partner Yoga Trainings, creating the play elements of the practice. This is Lucy’s first program with CWB. 


Rachel Wansker

Rachel Wansker is an actor and educator from Atlanta, Georgia in the United States. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre and Performance Studies from Kennesaw State University. For the past nine years, she has performed with fifteen professional theatre companies in three different countries. She is working as a teaching artist at The Alliance Theatre where she provides arts integration and acting classes for students of all ages throughout Georgia. Rachel is a staff member at The Center for Puppetry Arts where she teaches puppet building and performance workshops. This is Rachel’s first program with CWB. 

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